The featured stories of this house span over three centuries and incorporate the life of the acclaimed colonial Judge William Lewis (1752-1819) to the national celebration of the Sesquicentennial of 1926 (celebrating America’s 150th anniversary.) Of course the story involves tales of lavish parties and strawberries. Become a history detective and decide for yourself which story about the house name is most accurate. Formerly known as “Summerville,” the center section of Strawberry Mansion was built in the Federal style around 1789 by renowned lawyer, judge and state legislator, William Lewis. During his lifetime, Lewis dominated the American legal field and took on countless high profile cases involving slavery, British debts, privateering, and the Aaron Burr treason case. He is credited for drafting the first law in the US abolishing slavery and was an advisor to both George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

How to Visit Strawberry Mansion