School & Group Visits

“The tours have a tremendous effect on the children. The students are able to ‘touch’ history. They love the stories that we tell, especially those dealing with early American children their age.”  - Joyce Joynes, Lemon Hill Guide and Former Occupant


Tours of the Charms encourage visitors to imagine life as it was lived 200 years ago.  Visitors of all ages can consider the art and architecture, history and horticulture of late 18th and early 19th century Philadelphia.   

We warmly welcome adult and school groups to plan a visit during the year.   The Charms can be visited as a tour of multiple sites or at individual homes. All group visits must be booked in advance at a particular house and may be customized for the needs of a group.

Tours of the houses provide an excellent experience for a variety of social, civic and community groups of all ages.  We welcome historical societies, garden clubs, book clubs, church groups, architecture groups, seniors and more --- any organization whose members are interested in learning about Philadelphia history.  Come explore the Charms of Fairmount Park!

Adult group Tours

If you would like to book a group tour of 15 or more people and you have your own transportation please contact the Group Sales Department at the Philadelphia Museum of Art at 215-684-7863 or for information. Group tours of the houses are $12 per person per house or bus tour.

Bus Tours of the Fairmount Park are offered year-round.  Museum-trained guides join you on your bus and will take you on a journey through Fairmount Park which has been called “one of the largest urban parks in the country”. You will pass all seven of the historic homes and will learn about the history of the park including information about the 1876 World’s Fair held in Philadelphia.  Bus tours of Fairmount Park are $12 per person.

Groups arrive at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to begin their tour. Museum-trained step-on guides will meet you at the West Entrance and direct your motorcoach through the park while providing information and history about Fairmount Park. Restroom facilities are available for use inside the Museum before you depart for your tour. Please note that the restrooms at the houses are not handicap accessible and are not able to accommodate groups. Groups must provide their own transportation. 

If you do not have your own transportation and would like a group tour of 15 or more with a private trolley to see the park houses, please contact the Philadelphia Trolley Works at 215- 389-1776 who will design a customize tour to fit your group needs.

School Group Tours

Education programs at the houses provide students with “hands-on” and engaging experiences of life in this time period in Philadelphia.  These programs are designed to inspire an interest and excitement about American history and content supports the Common Core Standards in social studies, history, literacy, visual arts and more. 

Bringing new generations to the houses communicates the value of our shared history and encourages students to think about preserving the past. Introduce your students to our unique resources.

Below is a brief overview of the educational content available to school groups at each of the houses - talk to us about your interests and needs:

Cedar Grove:  Discover what life was like in colonial days through the interactive program Colonial Life at Cedar Grove, designed for elementary students, grades 3–6. Students experience both work and leisure activities of the 18th century as they tour the house and garden. This school tour can be scheduled via the Philadelphia Museum of Art Education Department: School & Teacher Programs.  Contact them by phone at (215) 684-7580, fax at (215) 236-4063, or by e-mail at

Laurel Hill:  Students tour in small groups with an expert guide providing the human stories to illuminate history (definitely more engaging than a textbook!). Tours may include age-appropriate hands-on activities like playing with replicas of toys, crafts and games of the 1800s as well as activity sheets and suggested follow-up activities.  Appropriate, and adaptable, for grades K-12.  Please call 215-235-1776 or email for more information.

Lemon Hill: After enjoying small group tours with a guide and learning about the home, students receive activity sheets and information to assist them in processing and applying information from the house, guided by teachers to support the curriculum. Tours may also include lunch on the porch and free play in the garden. Appropriate, and adaptable, for grades K-12

PACKAGE TOUR of Lemon Hill + Laurel Hill: Lemon Hill and Laurel Hill have jointly developed a school group program to coordinate a bundled visit to these two sites.  Students spend the morning visiting and touring both houses and then enjoy lunch at one of the sites. Afterward, students write letters about their tours that show how much they’ve learned from their experience.  As Alma Jacobs, president of Women for Greater Philadelphia, the group that stewards Laurel Hill, says, “We are amazed at how much information students retain from their visits.” Appropriate, and adaptable, for grades K-12. 

Mount Pleasant: Discover Classical Architecture provides students with the opportunity to review the basic classical orders, observe craftsmen tools, and learn about creating and designing a grand country home. Each student creates his or her own design for the "missing" mantelpiece in the upstairs parlor.  This tour is best for middle and secondary level students.  This school tour can be scheduled via the Philadelphia Museum of Art Education Department: School & Teacher Programs.  Contact them by phone at (215) 684-7580, fax at (215) 236-4063, or by e-mail at

For groups of 15 or more, please call Group Sales at 215-684-7863.
For individuals and groups smaller than 15, please contact Education at 215-684-7580.
For school groups please contact School and Teacher Programs at 215-684-7580 .
All appointments should be requested with at least 2 weeks prior notice.
Visit for more information.

Historic Strawberry Mansion: Historic Strawberry Mansion offers school tours for all ages and interests, weaving together stories of life in the 18th and 19th century, the beginnings of the abolition movement, the history of several notable Philadelphians, women’s history in the early 20th century, and historic preservation over the years. Students tour in small groups with expert guides, hands-on activities are included, as well as tours of the berry patch, garden and orchard in nice weather! Students respond in particular to the 18th century kitchen and the collection of antique toys and dolls that help them connect to life in the past.  The tour is appropriate and adaptable for all ages. Please call (215) 228-8364 or email for more information.